Paris Kern and The Feldenkrais Method - Baltimore, Maryland
Paris Kern - The Feldenkrais Method

Paris Kern Feldenkrais Practitioner - Baltimore, Maryland

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Paris Kern is a Feldenkrais® practitioner based in Baltimore, Maryland. For the last fifteen years she helped many people overcome pain, improve their quality of movement and quality of life. She has a special interest in the concerns of riders and has developed Riding with the Whole Self, a system that specifically tailors the principles Feldenkrais to the needs of horses and riders. She is also an authorized teacher of the Sounder Sleep System.

Paris Kern has been practicing the Feldenkrais method since 1992 and brings a compassionate yet light hearted manner to her work. Underlying her philosophy of the Feldenkrais Method is her deep belief that everyone can improve their function and quality of life. Understanding that knowledge is the only thing that lies between a person and his or her own improvement . Paris sees it as her job to guide people in their own self healing and learning. By sharing the knowledge she has gained as a practitioner and teacher of new practitioners, she teaches people how to be independent and self sustaining in their own growth.

She came to the method in 1988 as a musician who had been suffering pain so severe that she had to cancel concerts. Searching for relief, she attended a one day Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement workshop. Her response to the movements was so profound that she felt as though she were coming home. She found that here was a system based on an understanding human function, intelligence, learning, and behavior and that the method addressed her as a whole human being. After taking a series of private Functional Integration lessons and Awarenss through Movement classes she returned to performing music without pain.

Impressed with the effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method, she decided to enroll in a professional training program to become a practitioner. Her background as a traditional and contemporary folk singer informs a spontaneity that she blends with the solid core of experience she has developed from 15 years of learning, practice, and advanced training.

“Paris has shown me how to reach that "sweet spot" in producing a glorious sound on the trumpet. After each session, I can't wait to pick up my horn!”Rene Hernandez,
Assistant Principal Trumpet, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
“It's wonderful to be 59 years old and finding freedom of movement I had lost years ago. ”Saudra Code,
Level IV Senior Centered Riding Instructor and Alexander Teacher